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Now We Can Restore Your Vision with Laser Precision

Cataract surgery has undergone a revolutionary advance - from a manual technique used universally around the world to an ultramodern femtosecond laser procedure which enables us to treat even the hardest of cataracts in just a few minutes. Not since the “no-stitch” cataract procedure has the ophthalmology profession experienced such a seismic shift in eye surgery; and we are pleased to offer this state-of-the-art procedure to our clients.

Dr. Steven A. Shanbom M.D., has researched and monitored developments related to the use of femtosecond lasers in cataract surgery with particular interest in the technology offered through the LensAR Laser Cataract System.

This revolutionary technology definitely results in safer and more predictable outcomes for our patients.” says Dr. Shanbom. This is an unprecedented advance in Cataract Surgery and a very exciting time in modern medicine.” “I could not be more pleased than to have the opportunity to offer Southeast Michigan the LensAR Laser Cataract procedure.”

At Shanbom Eye Specialist you can choose to combine Laser Cataract Surgery with advanced lenses to help restore your vision to a more youthful state. This advanced technology gives you the greatest likelihood for improved vision – at all distances – so you can read to your grandchildren, play cards with your friends and enjoy all your favorite activities like golfing, swimming, sewing and tennis without the nuisance of glasses.

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Lensar cataract surgery technology click the Lensar link below:

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